Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Loves His Babies

Wyatt loves animals. Sometime too much, but I'd rather he be over-lovable than not enough. He has taken to carrying around the two kittens we have kept around with him everywhere. They are wising up to him though and hide. But when he does get his hand on them they follow him everywhere!

He also climbs in with his mini-pony Tootsie all the time. She's a stinker and won't let him catch her until I put a halter on her, but she tolerant and gentle with him so she's pefect for a kid learning the ropes with a horse, and who likes to climb in with the horses.

And THIS relationship never gets old. These two are too much together.  Not sure I blogged about Wyatt's new room. We finally are redoing the house this summer. We have a HUGE back room we have used for storage, so now we are turning it into a master bedroom, the family room into a dining work area, the old master bedroom into a den/guest room, and the spare bedroom FINALLY has turned into Wyatt's room. Toddler loft included. He loves it but still crawls out of bed at 5 am to sleep with mom and dad.

He loves Mari Cart so hence the Mario sheets.

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