Sunday, July 28, 2013

Stampede 2013

Even if we don't make it to many rodeo's in the summer, we never miss the SKI-HI Stampede, Colorado's oldest rodeo!  Wyatt made friends with the announcer this year, got to enjoy some night rides and spent almost four hours riding and pigging out on carni food a few days later.

Yes - he does have bandaid on his cheek. He got stuck under some chairs in the shed while one of our momma cats went after another cat and I think he got caught in between. I was right outside the door when it happened but only saw him sitting crying with the cat next to him wondering what all the fuss was.  At first I wasn't sure what had happened other than he must have gotten scratched, but after cleaning him up I realized we were going to pay a visit to the drs. Luckily he didn't have to get stitches, but they did glue it. I wish I had just taken care of it with good tape like it was when we went in because the guy who did it didn't get it closed enough. Oh well. Medical care in the we are now putting Mederma on it and it is looking like it will eventually fade away.

After the inital hurt of it all he hasn't cared anything about it and still crawls around after the cats with no fear. So in his own words..."It's an accident mom".

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