Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Nothing New

Nothing much new to report. I had a good weekend. I had a good interview. What more can I ask for right now? I feel I represented myself strongly and was very excited by the school and it's representatives. It is a school I would be honored to work at and where I feel I would be able to be the awesome teacher I know I am with a supportive staff and administration. I also want so much to be able to grow in my career and I really feel they could give me this opportunity. I hope this works out. I find out Friday.

I've had a humbling experience this week concerning a sick family member. It's opened my eyes to how small I really am in such a large world, and that integrity and honosty truly can pay off, even if it takes "forever" to notice the results. I think it's all about faith, and I've really been lacking in it lately due to a bunch of outside influences. Maybe things really do happen for a reason and sticking to my guns and doing my best will pay off.

Being involved in the community has brought some surprising support my way. Parents from local schools that I work with and community members I'm involved with in the Forest Service and Fire Department have been stopping me to tell me how much they admire me for standing up for my beliefs and doing what is right. It's been a surprise because I didn't know that people knew why I resigned from the school I was at, but it's made me stop doubting so much about how things worked out.


Laura said...

I'll keep fingers, toes and eyes crossed for you! I hope you get nothing but good news come Friday!

AJ said...

Good luck on Friday! and every day for that matter:)