Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What I've Been Doing...

....Obviously NOT posting pictures. But I do have bunches and will soon. Maybe.

Actually I've been packing for a fire (my crew 'hit the board' yesterday meaning we're available to go once we're requested). Fire season is still a bit slow at the moment, but things are starting to pop! So I've lined up a 'babysitter' for the 'kids' and have pretty much been organizing my life. It's sad I want to go so bad, not because of the money or fun I do have with my crew, but because I want to run away from the valley for the rest of the summer and this is the only way I can afford it right now. Don't ask.

Been doing a bit of 'out of town' traveling. Went to Fruita, CO for a bullriding a few weekends ago and spent some time in Cheyenne last weekend with Kelly and his girlfriend and then went to see Shane announce a rodeo in Grover, CO.

Also building fence since the elk are on the move and have knocked them down, and my paddocks are still all blown down from that storm a few weeks ago. Supposedly the owner of the place is fighting with the insurance company, but I have high hopes we have some better facilities being built real soon here.

Very excited about my new teaching position this fall. They gave me a new Gateway Tablet for work. You can actually write on it! It's really neat. Check out the link.

Ok - lunch is ending. Will try and get pics up soon!

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Y Garcia-Smith said...

Congrats on your new position!