Thursday, June 07, 2007

Quick Update

I've started with the Forest Service for the summer and have been away at Fire Academy since last Saturday taking a saw class. I'm a bad chainsaw welding bizatch now.

I have an interview on Monday with The School of Choice. Pray for me.

Great advice Alanna, but I don't have television. I live too far out for cable, I won't pay for satellite, and I'm never home anyway so what's the point?

90 mile per hour microbursts here yesterday. Looks like a tornado went through. My barn and paddocks are gone. No joke. It's spread across about 40 acres down the highway. Surprisingly the livestock are fine and neither the chicken nor goose were blown away. I had live wires down for a bit longer than what was comfortable, and since the wiring is all jacked up the power company had to cut all power to the place for safety reasons last night. It was like camping. But only in my bed. No water or light. Everything is back on today thanks to a lifesaving electrician. The clean up and rebuilding will start after the insurance company gets pictures.

Have one foal on the ground and still waiting for my mare to foal. I think she ended up not being bred until a lot later than I originally figured. The little hussy.

The birthday to end all birthdays is this Saturday. I'm supposed to be doing something fun. I hope I still am. Pray more for me.

Will post pictures soon!


alanna rose said...


You must, must post pictures of the missing barn and paddock. Good luck at your interview, just let them know you can weld a chainsaw - they'll hire you in no time :)

AJ said...

In my head there's a picture of you with a chainsaw:) It's Bad A$$!!

Good luck with the interview!

Erin said...

I truly can't beleive how much the weather wreaks havoc on your place!! Glad to hear that you didn't lose anything that can't be rebuilt.

Good luck on the interview - advice:don't talk about water bongs :)

I am praying for you, as always!

Kara said...

Happy Belated B-Day. Hope you had a great time. Post pics when you have a chance.

Sending lots of prayers your way!!

Laura said...

I hope that your birthday was great! And I hope you hear from your interview soon!