Friday, July 10, 2009

Alright, I'll Spill...

Never really thought I'd have one of these on my fingers! Please excuse the blur - it's so shiny I can't get the camera to focus!!! I got to pick - so it's the perfect size and setting for all the outdoor work I do. No prongs - it's bevel set - and not too large so it sticks up and catches on things (if nothing else I'm practical). However, he was warned I have simple but expensive taste!

Many of you want the details and I've been thinking ALL week how to explain this all! I'm sorry it takes me so long but I don't have Internet at home and actually have to schedule a day to get into a WiFi Hotspot. I'm at the coffee house right now.

I figure it might be easier just to list all the information and fill in the blanks as more questions are - in no particular order other than what my scattered brain can come up with...

1) Yes, it is my Working Man!

2) We started dating in early April and we just know, you know?

3) He is younger than me - 5 years...and nobody actually believes it (probably because he's so mature and I'm so immature).

4) He has a 4 year old daughter from a previous marriage. Mom ran out on them. We've already talked with a lawyer about formally adopting her. This is a challenge as the word 'spoiled' doesn't begin to explain it, but she does have some very good public manners and I spend as much time with her as possible to try and make the transition easy as she has been spending her days with grandma. There has been a gigantic improvement from last week alone so I know that it will all work out. She likes me by the way - but as things change she's well aware I'm the reason for the change.

5) We will be in MI the 3rd weekend of August for a long-ish visit. Would love to catch up and introduce him to you all still living there!

6) There are no dates set as of yet. We are meeting with the Deacon of the Catholic Church we would like to join here to get the ball rolling in MI. We want to be married as soon as possible and it will be in the Detroit area. We're going to keep things small as planning a wedding from 1500 miles away isn't something I want to do. I'm thinking more 'fun' than 'stress'!

7) He owns his own construction business and as you all have seen - he's handy!

8) He grew up here in the valley and his family is here.

9) His family is Mormon, however he is not. I have been very strong minded about how my children will be raised and he is 100% supportive of this and is looking into joining Is also has been explained to his family and they have not had any comments concerning it. Thats good in my mind because it means they respect my decisions.

Feel free to list all your questions!!!!

This is what we saw on our way back from Pueblo yesterday! We were getting the ring situation taken care of and took his daughter to the zoo.


JJ said...

You forgot an important point - what is his name?!?! I don't want to have to call him Working Man when I meet him ;)
And by 3rd weekend is August do you mean the 15th&16th?
Can't wait to see you and meet your man!!

YGS said...

Can't wait to see you! I want pictures of your working man!!!
Congrats :)

alanna rose said...

JJ and I would love to visit when you are in the D! Lovely ring, so sparkly :) and I'm with JJ (above), we need his name!

Erika said...

Congrats!!!! :)
Big hugs.

heather s. said...

Yea for details. Yes - what is his name? (first name will suffice) Congrats again! :)

Sonya said...

Congrats! :)

Erin said...

Wish I was going to be in MI when you will be, but I have to be back for school. Thanks for the details and pics would be nice of the two of you. Glad that you are keeping busy and having a great summer! Congrats again!!!

Carroll Farm said...

That is SO awesome. Don't worry the 4 yr old will love you - just give it time. Heather was 4 when I married her dad and it has all worked out. I would love some pictures - seeing as I am in AZ and NOWHERE near Detroit - I must view all through the pictures.

Again - AWESOME!!

Andrea said...

How awesome!! I love your practical ring!! It makes perfect sense and it's beautiful!! Oh I am so excited for you!! I am with everyone else!! We want to see a picture of you two!! And I am sure his daughter will LOVE to have a girl around and everything will go great!! Too bad I don't still live near Toledo.....sigh....Again congrats!!!

And did you know I am Mormon? We ain't so bad! And I am glad his family is being supportive of you two, that is wonderful!! I still get all gitty and excited when I think about it. I am so happy for you!! And I am okay with calling your man "Working Man" as long as you post a picture of him!! :)

Laura said...

Congrats!!!!!!!! Yay for you! I'm so happy and excited for you!!
Working Man is no longer an acceptable title! We need a name!

The Wades said...

Happy, happy news!! So excited for you both--and his daughter. Looks like she'll have a positive female role model in her life.

I am 4 1/2 years older than my hubby. We've been married thirteen years now. We knew the very first day, really! He asked me to marry him on date number four right after he told me he loved me. :) I get it that when you know, you know!

Beautiful ring. Congratulations.

rae rae said...

Oh wow!!! Danielle!!!! CONGRATS!!!! :-) I'm so happy for you.

Kara said...

YAY!! Congratulations, Danielle!! I agree that we need a name. The ring is beautiful and sparkly :) I would LOVE to see you in August. Definitely let me know the details so I can plan a trip over this way.

What is his daughter's name? And yes...I too would love to see a pick of you two...a self portrait will do :) I can't wait to see the dress you pick out. You will make a BEAUTIFUL bride :)