Friday, July 31, 2009


What a summer this is turning out to be! Ok - in response to the MANY questions (again)!!!

We plan on being married in the Catholic Church back home (as in Michigan) on November 28th. We did seek an annulment and according to our deacon here - all is well with the time as the situation is pretty cut and dry (Heather - you might want to push your parish a little...). What can I say? I'm 31 and we want to start a family right away. Right now we are building a case of negligence against Nate's (*gasp* his name!) ex so we can get her to give up her daughter completely and then we can start adoption proceedings next year.

I'm sorry I don't have pics!!! Just kind of bad with the camera lately. We have decided to have some professional pics taken of us all soon (as in next week maybe if the schedules work out) so I should have those up before too long.

I am going to be in the Detroit area with Nate from the 12th - 17th! II figured my parents should meet the man I'm going to marry before the wedding. I would love to catch up with anyone who'd like to go out!
Quick run down of the last few weeks:

Working still, but partially part time so I can get things done. Found a new house to move us all into so we can look for building site opportunities. Been rafting, BBQing with friends, bearing flags for rodeo (and getting bucked off on pavement), watching rodeo and taking a little girl to the many parades and carnivals this valley has throughout the summer.

Concerns? Plenty. Namely Nate's ex is PISSED he's getting married again. Future MIL is making me crazy but I'm attempting to fix this and will let you all know. After all - it IS family (I just keep telling myself that....). Kids love me but I'm not sure how much my future step-daughter does. Bummer.

Horse-wise? Charlie bucked me off in front of a few hundred people when he decided the flag might eat his legs. Don't worry, I landed on the nice soft pavement. HE was stellar the rest of the week. Rebel is growing! Check out his pics! And my colt (still no name yet!) legs are looking great. Still watching, but things seem to keep improving. Maggie and Charlie brought me home some pot money and ribbons at the last show. I put them through trail, showmanship and horsemanship classes and was VERY impressed with their performances.

And juicy details? Perhaps I should give it to you in bits and pieces....later.


alanna rose said...

I should be able to get up to Detroit sometime that week :)

Give your future daughter time, this is probably all happening very fast for her. Is there something you have in common? Use that to bond with her...and give her time.

Andrea said...

I can't believe I was only about an hour away from you!! I should have asked ya before we left.

I am so excited about you getting married!! OH and starting a family!! OHHHHHH!!!! okay, I'll calm down. I can't believe you fell on the pavement!! OUCH!! I am glad you are okay.

Is Nate's family going out to MI for the wedding? I can't wait to see your engagement pictures.

It's so strange that Nate's Ex is acting all weird because he is getting married??? Today my Ex is getting married and I couldn't be happier!! It's a good thing to move on!! :) She'll get over it.

And I am sure your MIL will calm down after a bit. Once she gets to know you well, I am sure she will get over what ever it is that is making her act dumb.

And Nate's daughter will love you, just give her some time to adjust too!! What little girl doesn't want a cool mom that has horses and knows how to ride!!

Congrats on doing so well in the horse shows!! That sounds awesome! I miss those showing days. Keep us posted!! And I want to see pictures of you and Nate. And are you going to wear a big wedding dress?? Okay it doesn't have to be big, but I would love to see pictures of that too!! Oh I just love weddings!!!!

Diana said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Let me know when you get into town....Maybe Alanna and I can hook up with you guys on the same day :) I can't wait to hear some stories!!!

AJ said...

Post the details of when and where you're meeting in D-town, and I'll try to make it, too!

The step-parenting thing isn't easy, the good thing is that she's young enough to still get close to. I was a teenager when my parents got remarried, and it hasn't always been that smooth. I think it would have been a lot easier if I had been younger. Like everyone else said, time will help a lot!

Kara said...

Definitely post the info when you are coming to town and when you are available. I hope it works out so I can make the trip over and visit.

How old is Nate's daughter? All kids need some adjustment time. If she is 5 or so, I would recommend hanging out with Nate and her and then slowly start doing one on one things with her....gear it towards things she is interested in. It would be great if you have common interests. Once she gets to know you and warms up...she'll love you :)

rae rae said...

Thanks for the update :) Sounds like an exciting summer so far!

The Wades said...

You really are having an exciting summer! Good thing you found your dream man--all the yucky details will work themselves out. I'm sure he's worth all the misery. :)

Many congrats and glad you're OK after the bucking incident. What a bummer.