Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Quick Like

Of course nothing can run smoothly for me. I'm going to have a crazy mother-in-law based on, of all things, religion - and my man's ex-wife seems to think the world is going to end because, *gasp* he must not want her back afterall since he's getting remarried. Never mind she basically abandoned them and is remarried with a new child. Good God.

We're seeking an annulment, date for the wedding should be the 28th of November, (it will be small, but we will probably have an 'open house' type party so people can come and go as they please), I'm seeking to adopt his daughter but it seems we have to wait until mommy screws her up significantly before we can nail her for total neglect (she's supposed to get her for 2 weeks each summer but refuses to come and get her), and summer is going by way too fast.

Sorry for the quick post but the coffee house is going to close and I have to take care of a bank account that is way overdrawn. Don't ask. The money is there but in the wrong place. Per usual my life.


AJ said...

Hang in there! Mother in laws can be awful, if you need vent, we're here, and I'm with you!

As for the ex, my experiences have been that judges don't like screw up parents...period. And they're not willing to give them much benefit of the doubt. Granted, I've only had to deal with those kinds of things a handful of times, but from my experience anyways, the judges really ruled strongly in favor of the child. Good luck!

randi said...

*Hugs* Call me if you want/need to talk! :)

Kara said...

I'm sorry to hear that your MIL is making life difficult. Sending lot of hugs your way!!!

Andrea said...

I had a crazy mother in law and then she got cancer and died about 4 years ago. When she was alive we butted heads, and now that I have a step mother in law I wish the crazy one would come back!! LOL!!! I can understand where you are coming from, with the whole LDS thing and crazy ladies!! So, if you need to vent or have any questions let me know. I am sorry she isn't understanding. I would hope that she would be happy that her son is happy.

And I have to battle with a stupid ex and the judge for some strange reason ALWAYS favors him. I really don't like him and just wish he would leave me alone. Be grateful that the mom doesn't come around. My boy goes to his dad's house for 7 weeks of the summer. I hate it. So, I will keep all fingers and toes crossed that you will be able to adopt his daughter. That would be so wonderful!!!

Sending you big ((((HUGS))))) and I know that everything will work out. Just breathe and forget about the crazy ex and crazy MIL!!! They both will chill out with time.

rae rae said...

Hi Danielle - I don't know where you are seeking an annullment from (Catholic Church)? But if it is Catholic Church have they give you an estimate of how long it will take? My ex is in the process of doing this now (he's Catholic) and they told him it is a process of a year or more. Just thought I'd let you know.

Hang in there, and be the better person. :) Hope planning is going well!