Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Top 5 Pregnancy Shirts

There's a billion things out there to spend money on while pregnant or for the baby. Personally we're broke, and I'm not a big fan of having a ton of stuff that only gets worn or used for a few months - but it's fun to look! Of the baby t-shirts I think these sum up how I've been feeling lately:

Shirt #1 - because right now I just look like I've been overeating...a LOT! I can't wait to actually look pregnant instead of just 'heavy'.

Shirt #2 - because people are actually starting to reach out and touch it. It's MINE!

Shirt #3 - because I'm a hockey fan, and this just sums it all up...
Shirt #4 - because I crave them more than ANYTHING! Mmmmmm...salty potatoes...

Shirt #5 - because it would piss off my in-laws. And I miss it .

Styles were found on www.CafePress.com and www.zazzle.com !


Carroll Farm said...

Now, those are funny!

Andrea said...

ha ha ha ha!! I love the "does this baby make me look fat"!!! ha ha ha ha!! And girl, I HATED the whole touching my belly thing. It creeped me out!! Don't people have boundaries?

rae rae said...

Funny stuff! My personal favorite is one that looks like a tiger but the nose is right where the bump is - very 3D. LOL. I can't wait to order it!

I do miss beer. *sigh*

Adventures of a Horse Crazed Mind said...

LOL great ones! My boyfriend and I were just talking last night and he had never heard the expression "pull the goalie" he thought that was pretty funny!

carina said...


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AJ said...

One of JRs friends had a shirt that said 'My boys can swim' when his wife was preggo. I thought that was cute, too!

And from your comment on my post, don't worry about breastfeeding right now! You have plenty else to strees you out. As far as if it's hard, it's kind of a tough question to answer. I had an easy time with Ava, a hard time with Noah, and an easy time in the beginning with Jonah, and I think it's just stress and weight loss causing my dip right now. It's not really 'hard' it's just something I have to pay attention to to try to build my supply back up.

And part of it is my anal-retentive need to produce more than he can eat so I keep putting some in my freezer for after I'm done nursing, he can still have breastmilk for a few months. I'm a little obsessive about it!

Don't worry about it now, feeding habits and schedule will fall into place when the bundle gets here!!