Monday, March 22, 2010

No Internet!

Sorry I've been missing! We had Spring Break and our internet hub is screwed and we need a new one! I'll update this week!

We were supposed to be in Costa Rica on our honeymoon. We're having a baby instead. Nice huh? I really would like to get away with my hubby though. We don't get to be alone...EVER. We have a 5 year old. And family we can't trust with her...or she comes back a warped little _____ (fill in the blank). Our marriage really needs a honeymoon. Really.

I'll try and get a belly picture up this week also.


AJ said...

The TV can be your friend! A good kids movie can get some alone time. Granted, it's not a honey moon, but sometimes it's impossible to have an adult coversation with them running around, and holding their interest with TV/movie once in a while can get you like half an hour or so:)

Looking forward to the belly pic!

Laura said...

Hope you get in a honeymoon soon! And yay for belly pics!

alanna rose said...

Do you have a student you can trust to babysit her? A day or night out can make a huge difference!