Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What Manner of Beast Is This?

Peeking out of my Trailer Windows (I still need to fix) with glowing eyes?

Oh it's just Ned! Wondering when he gets to join his lady an their baby.Check out my bearskin rug! It's so luxurious!

Oh Wait! That's just Skipper's Smokin Chex AKA Smack! He has the longest hair of any yearling I have ever seen. You can see how tall he's getting and how his legs have almost completely straightened out after all the problems I had with him as a baby (due to 'cooking' a little too long in mom!).

And then here's Rebel who is turning into quite the looker. He's almost 3 now and was saved from having his nuts cut off last Friday due to a freak snowstorm. We have to lucky did he get? I'd love to keep him at stud as he has fantastic conformation and breeding with a disposition to match, but I don't really need an uncut horse on the property right now (even though he is penned right next to Rumba, my broodmare who is in perpetual heat, and doesn't ever try to get at her).

I think he has a great head (even in a bad photo)!

And then there's this thing at almost 18 weeks...that keeps growing and growing...

and growing...I'm actually wearing maternity pants here, but I'm still actually in a few of my regular baggy cargo pants that I can still button and almost all my jeans with the help of a Bella Band (LOVE those things!). What's really making me crazy is 'the gals' keep growing too, and they were big enough to begin with so it's not very comfortable. I'm hoping to hit a plateau soon or I'm going to have to do some serious bra shopping.


Erika said...

Expect to be going bra shopping a couple times. :) That's just the nature of the beast. You look great.

AJ said...

The gals will never ever be the same again. ever.

You look so cute!

Are you finding out gender at the 20 wk u/s?

alanna rose said...

You look great!

New bras will be necessary, if your ribs spread you'll even get to up in band size (oh joy!).

Laura said...

You look good! Just wait 18 more weeks on the growing. (Insert evil laugh here!)

Kara said...

YAY...belly pics. I was just going to request one. You look amazing...totally glowing :)