Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Mooooove Over Betsy! Or Better Known as Today I'm 32 and 28 Weeks Pregnant

Betsy's the big Longhorn in the background. I think I rival her? What do you think? She's living next to the house with a bunch of her friends this summer. She came by to say Happy Birthday.

Anywho. I started my morning off with a mile and half hike to bring in the horses from pasture and digging out some irrigation flows since we're flood irrigated here and the water for the horse pasture finally arrived - so I need to take advantage of it. Nate was still sleeping. Men. It was 6 am though and he didn't know the water had come up overnight. Still - men. But it is nice to know I may be preggers and still self-sufficient.

So now I'm off to teach swim lessons in my snazzy colorful swimsuit. I really don't care what I look like anymore really. I'm pregnant. Get over it.

My Iris's are blooming like crazy. The yellow ones opened first and are almost done, then the purple and are starting to finish up, redish came next and are at their height and the white ones opened yesterday morning. I didn't plant them so it's been interesting to see what I have. Columbine's are now opening and the tulips started but didn't do well after it froze a few nights in a row. Few other perennials took a hard hit but will make a come back and I lost almost all my annuals. Now I wish it would cool off! We went from super windy and dry to super humid and hot. Not a normal weather pattern for the valley. It's usually pretty cool in the summer here. I think the Michigan weather followed me special for my pregnancy.


YGS said...

I can't help but stare at your boobs! You look great :)

Charlie and Kara said...

Happy Birthday. Cute suit, you look great! I love longhorns, my in-laws have a ranch in Texas with Black Angus. We took Patrick out there in February, he thought the cows were soooo cool! City kid, huh. Your little guy is going to love all of your animals. Enjoy your day!

Laura said...

Um, yeah, I couldn't take my eyes off your boobs either. :)

The final countdown is upon you! Welcome last trimester! You could not be pregnant in as little as 9 weeks!!

Crystal said...

You look great and so do the irises!

Dreaming said...

Happy Birthday! You look very fit and healthy with a Colorado that glow is from pregnancy?!

Hope you had a great day and were pampered a bit after doing all of that man work this morning!

AJ said...

I'm with Y and Laura, your boobs have my attention:)

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

LOL-You look great! And you are really going to appreciate having stayed active when it comes time to deliver that baby-LOL. ;)

I'm about to commit harry-karry over my attempts to flood irrigate. I can get part of the pasture, but the water just will not go past a certain point, so 1/2 of my pasture is turning to dust...Grrr.

I tell ya, the heat around here for the last couple of weeks was freaking me out. Seems a little early for 98-100 degrees, several days in a row. I HAVE to get some shades up for my horses. Poor things.

Thankfully, I brought cooler temps and rain back with me from the other side of the mountains when I came home the other night-LOL.

YGS said...

Hey Danielle! We are going to be in Colorado next week. Where exactly are you at??!?!

Kara said...

You look great :) Happy Belated B-Day!!