Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cowboy Wyatt

We've been busy riding! Wyatt comes and hangs out at the arena with me. He loves to sit in his stroller or playpen and pet the "kitties" (everything is a kitty right now) through the fence. Afterwards he gets to play in the giant sandbox. He loves dirt. All boy I tell ya.
He'd love to ride on his own - but is a bit small for it still.


BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

That's right girl...start that boy young.

He looks so excited.

Dreaming said...

Attaboy, cowboy!

Don't you love watching them develop and test concepts?!
When my son was young he did the same thing... but when he was a bit older he identified small furry things as kitty-cats and big furry things were doggies. We went to a store and the lady had a tiny poodle. Chris toddled over and said, "Kitty cat". The owner, said, "No, that's a doggy." Chris, in a stern voice (as stern as he could make it at that age) said, "No, it's a kitty cat." He was adamant! He had developed his own concepts and wouldn't let that lady upset his 'rules'!