Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Wyatt got a taste and then wouldn't leave me alone until it became his own.

Been busy! Riding everyday and getting ready for rodeo. Super crazy hot here and no relief in sight! It's rained twice in 6 months. Hay is so expensive I have two horses up for sale. It makes me sick. However, because there has been no rain my landlords didn't have their pasture leased for cattle and let me have it cheap for the horses, so maybe I don't have to sell afterall. It's still up in the air.


alanna rose said...

Oh Wyatt, sugar makes me happy too!

Wishing for some milder weather for you!

Dreaming said...

That first picture of Wyatt is a winner - he is soooo cute!
Good luck with the horses. Hopefully we'll get some relief and maybe some late cuttings of hay. We've finally been getting some rain... knock on wood... with adequate frequency to keep things green and growing. Well, except for my Peony which hadn't made into the garden... it fell over and suffered from lack of water... uh, I guess I should change 'suffered' into died, if I'm being honest!