Sunday, July 10, 2011


The weather here continues to be bizarre. It went from sand storms and miserable wind almost every day to unbearable heat and wind part time. And it's humid to top it off, which is weird for here - especially since it's rained once in 6 months. We're looking at another drought and the hay prices are going sky high because of it. They've almost doubled from lat year. I know come fall they'll drop again but it's not looking good right now. I'm looking at selling a few horses. I'm sick about it.

So I'm hot, miserable, sick of the wind that keeps me in the house, and I've had cabin fever for over a year. To ride I get up at 6 am to beat the wind and heat and BUGS. Even working at the pool isn't a relief because it's a hot water spring that feeds the pools so you actually have to get out of the water to cool off.

Even the animals are suffering. Dixie and Wrigley have dug crazy holes to lay in, and the cats are getting up under the horse trailers in the weeds where it must be cooler. The horses stand in the ditch with their backs to the wind and Mac does this:
Those are the water tubs for the round pens; His own private swimming pools. He hops from the short one to the the tall one and back all day long.

Buni lays in anything plastic, and since Wyatt can't stand anything actually being in his little toy bin she thinks this is perfect. The two are conspiring against me I think.

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