Monday, September 12, 2011

Labor Day Weekend...Part 2

Can you tell what this picture is?

Went to work on Sunday at the Ranch. We had a visitor the night before that broke into my friends house and ate all her sugar:

At least that's all he did before taking out her screen door! I caught the little bugger sniffing back around the house that afternoon. He wasn't too worried about me. There's been such a drought here that there isn't enough food for these guys and they are getting to be pests. Everyone is afraid there is going to be a huge die-off this winter due to lack of food. That and huge problems with them trying to find that food...

The managed herd is used to being worked on horseback and with people near them - this gal let me get up next to her on foot to take a picture. That is not something we would do with our wild herd as Bison are quite dangerous...not at all like cattle. We keep a few hundred aside that are worked regularly so guests can get closer for pictures and the experience.


AJ said...

Yikes! What kind of bear is that? Dangerous?

Danielle Michelle said...

Just a little black bear - like in MI. Small little bugger - probably just a yearling cub so not very dangerous but the habit of getting into populated areas gets dangerous as they grow - especially for them. 3 strikes and they're out and are put down permanently. SO I hope he gets scared off and moves on and finds food in the wild for his own sake.