Thursday, July 26, 2012


It certainly has its ups and downs doesn't it? i've come to some certain decisions peacefully and will be fine with whatever the outcome. Thank you for all the positive thoughts.

Riding is therapeutic. I recently read a study on the rhythmic motion of riding on stroke victims who have lost the abilities to speak, and how it has helped redevelop the areas of the brain that control speech. If it can do that, what else might it do? I certainly can think more clearly after a day in the saddle...

The clinic this week began as a clinic and turned into the instructor riding the trails with us and doling out advice. I still learned a ton while following along with the guests. We have another next week.

I have decided to send Ringo to someone who can ride him tired each day. He's begun acting up and I think he's ready to have a job.  I think he's just going through his teenage years. I just can't do it with the guests.

I also have had some 'ah ha', moments with Charlie. I've been doing some cattle work this week, sorting and whatnot, and am discovering that not only is my seat improving, but my cues to my horse are as well-and Charlie can cut! I don't know if he is finally just really tuning in on what i'm asking, or i'm finally giving him the right amount of direction, or a combo of the two-but we are having fun! He's starting to really roll back and work off his hind end. He zeros in on the cattle i'm cutting and has some great instinct on anticipating their next move. Loving it!

The Horny Toads are coming out and we've been finding them everywhere.

Also, I finally got the picture of Wyatt and I when we climbed to the bat caves!


Dreaming said...

The little horned toads are so cute. I've never seen one up close and personal!
Wyatt looks just like his mom!

AJ said...

Great picture of you and Wyatt!!