Monday, October 01, 2012

My Child: The Daredevil

I swear this kid is always marking himself up in some way. It doesn't seem to inhibit his days in any way...just makes his parents have brief coronaries on a regular basis.

Exhibit 1:  Hair cut and watermelon seed spitting contest. Notice the angry red cut down his right cheek. Didn't slow him down any but he still has a nice scar that is slowly fading away. Not sure how this happened, but it involved the deck.

Exhibit 2: I get a phone call last week from the babysitter. I need to some over and make a decision because Wyatt hit his head.  Great. Evidently he was running to jump on the couch and tripped, flying headlong in to the bottom six inches of the couch and bruising his entire forehead.  We thought concussion for sure, but nope, he came back to school with me and taught my class during my lecture as well as teaching my neighbor how to count.  
 Notice the bruising peaking from under his bangs.  Stinkin' kid!

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