Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Drove up to Canon City Sunday with my friend and her two boys to hit up Diane's Pumpkin Patch for a day of fun!  We picked pumpkins, went down a giant slide onto a straw covered mattress, played in a giant bin of kernel corn, got lost in the 8 acre corn maze, rode the hay wagon, picked pumpkins, pet animals....it was exhausting...for the moms who had to chase the little buggers down! We also hauled home giant pumpkins as well as the ones the kids got to pick in the field.

I'm still tired thinking about it all!


Carroll Farm said...

He sure is handsome! Looks like your really living it up and enjoying all the wonderful things in life. I am jealous of all the fall colors. We are brown or dark green; that desert look.

Carroll Farm said...
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