Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I seriously am losing my mind. I'm actually so tired I can't sleep. That ever happen to anyone else? Between coaching at 6:30 am, Fire dept. meetings, and performing in The Nutcracker, (never mind chores, hay, grading papers, etc...) I believe I have actually lost track of what day it is. I cannot wait until break! Than I can run around like a crazy person in Michigan instead of Colorado. Fun! Seems I may actually have something to do over New Year's too! Was invited to a roping in Las Vegas, NM with some friend's I haven't seen in forever. Should be way fun!

Excuse my mini-rambling episode. Trying to get sleepy.

Oh yeah - anybody know why all my profile stuff is down at the bottom of the page? It's happened before and usually I just change some settings and I thought stuff was too wide this time, but nothing I do fixes it. Help!

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