Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dear Joe,

Though you may be someone my boyfriend is trying to help out because you are a friend of a friend and found yourself stranded in our mountain valley, I think you are worthless. Why do you ask? Let me count the ways...

1) You come into my house and eat anything you want. To top this off I have discovered you feeding your girlfriend as well from my groceries. If you replaced the food you ate I wouldn't have a problem with this, but you don't.

2) You know the water in the ranch house is sulfuric and therefore we buy drinking water. Do not drink my water. Buy your own so when I get in after working my tail-end off I have something to rehydrate myself with.

3)You talk big, but you are so self-absorbed you have no idea how stupid you sound. You will never 'get rich quick' and need to find a job. Period.

4) The three or four 'odd' jobs you have done around the ranch for us all doesn't translate into your keep. If you haven't noticed the people around this place are up before dawn and rarely back before dark. That means we work for multiple hours at what usually amounts to multiple jobs multiple days in a row. Your hour or two spent painting the entry gates barely scratches the surface of our day.

5) You lie. Plain and simple.

6) You looked like an idiot when you almost fell off your horse driving those 300 head last weekend in Pagosa while staring at two girls in a Hummer. Everybody made fun of you all day and I didn't even start the fun. Maybe I should have video taped it for your girlfriend?

What cataclysmic even started this off? You telling me you were entitled to your opinions last night while telling me you thought all drugs should be legalized to help stop Organized Crime, and I disagreed....for which you replied with profanity and nasty name calling.

Shut up you hypocrite and get a job. It would also help if you moved back to Texas where you belong.

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