Thursday, October 11, 2007

Yes! Finally!

Finally I got busy last night to get a post out sometime today. So here are Pictures! Yeah!

If you haven't yet noticed I wrote three blogs...

While checking my site last night at a friend's house I had a disappointing experience with my comments from an earlier post. I know this must be somebody I if your reading this...scroll down to your addressed 'note'.

I also had a rough night last night, but by sharing with all my worthwhile readers I feel refreashed. Plus I have pictures!


Crystal said...

Your pictures are awesome! I wish I were there and you could teach me how to ride a horse. :)

AJ said...

Your pics are really good.

Anonymous is a butt hole.

Joe sounds like a butt hole too!

alanna rose said...

I'm with AJ.

I hate butt holes.

Our neighbor needs some trees cut down - would you like to bring your chainsaw up to OH and help?


mel_fitz said...

sweet pictures. sedona looks like a character. is the baby really yours? how many horses do you own?

Y Garcia-Smith said...

Great pictures!