Friday, January 25, 2008

Germies:7; Me:4

So I have a viral respitory infection. Let me tell you just how much fun this is. Barrel of laughs folks. Actually, after a bunch of prescriptions I do feel much better than I did last Saturday and have been "teaching"(more like giving my classes busy work) since Tuesday. I also put a humidifier in the bedroom and that has seemed to help some though I think it's a bit loud.

So anyway, I no longer think I'm going to die and am actually only bumming over the fact that it probably isn't a good idea to hit the ski slopes this weekend without being 100% up to par.

Actually I know I must be feeling better today because when asked by a student why they only had a 23% in my class I replied in a smart-ass tone, "because you've only turned in 23% of the work assigned, what did you think?" Huh? Are today's youth getting dumber or is it just me?


Kara said...

Hope you continue to feel better. It sucks being sick when it is so cold out. It seems to take forever to get healthy.

mel_fitz said...

hope you're better now!