Sunday, January 13, 2008

Peachy Keen

All is well in the world today...

Actually, all is well everywhere. I'll admit I'm a bit stressed from not having much of a vacation, getting my classes started on new units for the semester and leaving for winter Fire Academy tomorrow after school, but stress aside, everything else is peachy!

Our lovely Farm Hand/ Shaner's Acquaintance who was supposed to come for harvest and never left has finally been removed by the landlord. He started making himself a nuisance about 2 weeks into his arrival, but they still got work out of him on the ranch. I think my letter to Joe from a few months back sum up my feeling about the guy, but when he knocked up a local girl, ran of to Vegas to marry her and tried to move her into the main Ranch house (where I live) last week, the doodies hit the fan. Everyone was just tired of him taking advantage of the situation and lying to boot. He told my landlord yours truly was a drug addict and I told my landlord I was going to give the guy something to really complain about if something wasn't done quick like. It was great. He didn't ever get any notice. He had to leave NOW and had three days to remove the rest of his stuff from the property. I just feel bad for the chick who married him. When she finds out what she married...oh boy.

I'm just really glad he's gone. Now that he's not vying for attention and sabotaging everything he looks at ,Shane and I can actually spend some time together without worrying about Joe having to be present or trying to start some kind of fight.

Still way cold here. Hoping it warms back up for February because I want to get more time on my Mustang and I know Shane wants to get one of his 2 years old colts started. I'd like to be using Maggie for roping by May or June.

Oh yeah - Everything is now thawed out. This should never be a problem again because a sub-pump was put in and those things are so far down in the ground it's almost impossible to freeze them up. And yes, this was a problem last year in the other house, except the pipe froze to the pump so I couldn't get ANY water. That and my landlord acted like it's wasn't his problem so I had to haul water to the livestock from my neighbors. This year my landlord took care of it ASAP and didn't leave until it was fixed. So he and his wife had to live in crappy conditions too until we were back up to par. Made me feel not so alone with it all... Roses to good landlords!


AJ said...

Wow, that guy sounds like a real piece of work!

Glad to hear that the landlord has improved!

rae rae said...

Did you call Shane "Shaner" - or was that a typo? hee hee hee. :D You know I love ya.

Roses to things looking up on the ranch.

rae rae said...
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Y Garcia-Smith said...

Post pictures of Shaner!