Monday, December 15, 2008

Garden Gnomes 5 / Me 0

I would write about Vegas (and Europe) but my 'gremlins' have struck again. If I could stop dealing with all their crap I might be able to detail my trips.

While in Vegas my furnace pilot light blew out and nobody could get in light for a day and a half. Now: no problem. Huh?

The faucet on the shower in the spare bathroom cracked and was running when I got home yesterday resulting in having to turn off the water to the house. No shower for me before school today. No problems with the pipes or fittings. Just the random faucet in a bathroom I've never used.

All my houseplants died. They were alive when I left and black and gooeyish when I got home. WTF? What the hell causes that? I've had them FOREVER. I'm trying to re-start them from the roots. Very strange. Actually downright worrisome.

The hose to the water tanks were left running (purposely) because running water doesn't freeze. It did last night and it wasn't THAT cold. Again, something I've never had happen before...

Vegas recap: I LOVED IT. For starters I was expecting fake and fancy. It was class. I loved the architecture and attention to details in the different hotels and casinos. I could have walked around all day looking at the different places. I loved seeing my friends and I think I've convinced Bolte to 'cross-over to the other side'. 'Cause afterall, everything's more fun with a little country in it!

It's a very expensive town however, and I wish I could have enjoyed a bit more of the's just all so pricey. I don't live on that kind of budget...ever.

The HOTEL was cool, but I think a bit over-rated and expensive overall compaired to other places. I did enjoy the HUGE bathtub that you could practically swim in!

What can I say about the NFR? It rocked? It was awesome? It was inspiring? It was SO COOL seeing the best of the best in person? All of the above? I may need to try and do this yearly it was so great to see!

OK - more details to come. I'll slide show both Europe and Vegas and give more details. Let me just get a grip on the Gnome problem...


JJ said...

You need to have a de-gnoming! Or set some gnome traps?

alanna rose said...

The plants sound like they might have frozen.... that's the only time I've ever seen them turn to primordial ooze. I think you need some Divine intervention - say and extra decade tonight :)

alanna rose said...

Oh, and the trip sounds awesome - I'm glad you got to get away for awhile!

Are you going home for X-mas?

Andrea said...

Your Ghost must not want you to shower!! LOL!!

And I am so jealous you got to go to the NFR, i know you invited me, but I am a party pooper and didn't go. But I really want to. I think my hubby and I are going to try to go next year. I really enjoyed wathing it on tv!!