Friday, December 26, 2008


Yes, I've finally posted some pics of Vegas. However if you want to see London and Paris you're going to have to see them here because my files are so huge!!! I just don't have time to resize them all. However I think these are a good representation of the trip! It's been crazy since I returned and I haven't had a lot of time to reflect on the trip other than it was great, I enjoyed London immensely and would love to go back - it was such a cool city with so much to see and do - and that I think I fell in love with Paris...unfortunately not IN love IN Paris *sigh* oh

But here's Las Vegas! I really enjoyed the city. I wasn't sure what I expected, but it wasn't the class I saw. The town is well put together and is quite beautiful! I could have stared all day at the architecture and attention to detail in each casino and hotel. The art alone was awesome and on top of it all everything was decorated for Christmas!!!

Christmas was wonderful and I actually ended the night at the theatre with a boy (totally random and unexpected 'date') and playing Wii bowling with him and fam until 1am. It was fun!!! Hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas! Right now it's sleeting out which has ruined my breakfast plans with a good girlfriend of mine, but we're going to try for lunch instead. Tonight's the Motor City Bowl!!! Go Central!!! I'll fly back to CO tomorrow so I hope everyone has a great New Year's!

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Andrea said...

A BOY!! OHHH!! Cool!! Sounds like you have had a wonderful time visitng home.

And those NFR pictures looked like a lot of fun!! You guys had some pretty good seats. You could see everything pretty well!! One day I will get to go to the NFR!