Thursday, December 04, 2008

Installment 4

Granted these last two posts have been off the original beaten track...however if some ignorant people want to attack me, the war is on. AND I WON! I'm here to teach. Not argue whether someone should or should not be playing ball. Honestly, I think that should be left up to the coach. Maybe there should actaully be some standards?

The child in question was considered ineligible to play at the tournament this weekend. This was after his father told the coach last night, "see, I said I'd take care of her..." huh? Then why isn't your son eligible to play yet? I truly feel for his wife. I could see it on her face through it all. I think there was a bit of embarrassment going on.

I love it. Though he now does actually have a passing grade in my class (which he squarely, fairly earned...kudos kiddo), our AD reviewed the grades and said he still wasn't eligible from previously. THANK YOU! I love when somebody has my back. Why weren't they worried about his grades BEFORE b-ball started? He was held oout of a scrimmage and now he can play. So he learned a lesson. And he's been bringing his grade up on his own.

This has done some damage to my self-esteem. I was very verbally abused, but I guess what goes around, comes around. I kept my cool, was professional and stayed above it all...and have a note from the administration commending me on how I handled the situation.

I still feel it sets me up for future abuse...and makes me question everything I do for ounces of truth in what they said...but perhaps that is what makes me a good teacher...anal retentiveness.

No, my sense of humor hasn't improved. I've crossed over into slight insanity through this all.


Andrea said...

I am glad he had to acutally get his grade up, not just given it. And I am glad that someone else agreed with you. Parents can be such dummies.

And there isn't much said about the wife, who wrote the paper. She got a 50%, that's not saying much about her! Poor Lady.

I love your new Christmas look! Very nice!!

Cheryl said...

This is exactly why I only compute grades based on a percentage grade. "Oh, gee...let's see...your son/daughter has a 63.5%." And, NO, I don't round up.