Monday, December 08, 2008

Installment 5

So I've been warned to watch out for the 'parent's' "friends" supposedly because they're SOOOO influential. Kiss my patootie. I'm looking at this all in a good light - namely this is going to make a lot more parents PAY ATTENTION to what their child is doing in my class..."oh parents, yes, have you noticed that my grading policy and classroom management is posted on my web well as a blog of WHAT YOUR CHILD IS DOING IN MY CLASS WEEKLY?"

Also - my house is haunted suddenly...or I brought something back from England. I think whatever it is hitched a ride from King's Crossing (really is a train station in London) when I left for Paris...the 9 3/4 platform DOES exist. Really. I'll give more detail later and actually write about the trip too.


Andrea said...

Our school has stuff posted on the internet, I need to get on that system and get a password from the office, so I can know what really is going on. Because kids only tell half the story, and I don't believe my 7 year old!! LOL!!

Haunted you say? I hate ghosts, they freak me out! I am still affraid of the dark!!

Carroll Farm said...

Can't wait to hear the haunting story...