Wednesday, September 23, 2009

All That and More

You'd think that people would be happy that I treat Nate's daughter as my own. You'd think that there could be concern she wasn't my number one priority, and that when I had my own children she would be put to the side, but that my actions speak otherwise. You'd think that because she's so obviously important to me that I would not be ridiculed and abused. Whatever. If Nate makes a decision that isn't agreed upon it's my fault. The woman has been waiting years for someone like me; a whipping boy; her own personal scapegoat. My looks are wrong, my age is wrong, my religion is wrong...

I feel like I am the embodiment of all that is wrong with this world right now - let's not look at who a person really is and determine if they are decent through actions, words and deeds, but instead on personal prejudices and hatred and ignorance.

I became a teacher because I felt this world was past that on a whole and we could learn from all this. I teach prejudices. We study and read about how things have come to be due to them, and the sufferings people have lived all over the world. I never thought in a million years I, (especially an upper middle-class, white chick who has always been privileged compared to many) would be prejudiced against. We live in a world where ignorance is no longer an excuse and tolerance is preached on every corner. Have people become so blind and deaf to all that has been fought for?

Perhaps the 'dark ages' aren't so far behind. I have never felt so much hatred in my life. And it is backfiring on her and her family. I am not backing down. I am not becoming bitter and hateful. I am kind, considerate and respectful. I have more empathy for those who have dealt with prejudice and racism. And now that I have 'walked that mile' (or rather, a very small percentage of it); I have become even a better teacher.

I win.

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