Thursday, September 03, 2009

What the...?

Well, things don't get better I guess. I'm not sure what the problem is, but evidently I'm the devil re-incarnate. Like you all didn't already know that?

I've got some cool venues for the reception - Ford Conference Center, Greenfield Village...but my father and I are bumping heads. Let's just say I want more than two hours to thank everyone and eat. Is that unreasonable?

If I know it wouldn't hurt feelings I'd elope...maybe. I don't really want to though.

Isn't this all supposed to be fun?


randi said...

Yes. It is supposed to be fun. Do what you want. It's YOUR day. Thinking about you lots and hoping things get better.


AJ said...

I'm with Randi. It's your day! You make the final calls.

We had our reception at the Vintage House in Fraser. Great venue, great food, very reasonable food and drink prices.

As for the in-laws, maybe we should put all of ours together and let them talk about how awful we are, and we can go to a bar somewhere and have fun;)

alanna rose said...

The Polish Cultural Center in Troy has great food. I've never been to a reception there, but I have been there to eat and it's great.

But I am now secretly hoping that you get married in the Martha Mary Chapel at the Village and then have your reception at the Eagle's Tavern (growing up that is always how I wanted my wedding). If you do I would totally come dressed in a period costume (maybe).

Andrea said...

I hear ya! I wanted small, friends and family thing. And I had a super CHEAP wedding. I used the gym at my sister in law's church, it was free. She decorated it a bit. Set up tables, came with the church. And table cloths, that too were at the church. We had a stereo that played some of our favorites cds for background music. For food, we had only desserts. It was a dessert bar. My husband and I danced to our song, and then did cake, and visited. It was a lot of fun.

I also had a reception down in Louisiana, that I had no say so in. Not on the place, not on the decorations, NADA. My mother in law took it over and did what she wanted. I mean, come on, I was only the bride, I shouldn't have a say so in anything.

We got married in Utah, so I had no idea what the planning was up there, so I trusted my brother's wife to do a good job and she was fantastic! It wasn't big, but it was nice.

Everything will work out. Does the church that you are getting married in have an event room? Something that they can't kick you out? I think your father should be more reasonable. It takes that long just to get something to eat and say hi to just a few people. Normally people have at least a 4 hour window to show up and say hi. What if someone is 30 minutes late?

I don't think you are being Bridezilla. You aren't asking for much. Maybe you should ask for a DJ and then the DJ will have a four hour minimum and your dad will have to do it!! :)

Good luck girl, and just breath, it will all work out and it will be beautiful. And I want to see your beautiful dress. Which, I wore mine twice, two receptions!! :)

Kara said...

I have to agree with Randi that it is your day and your call.