Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Apology???

Sunday Morning-
"I'm sorry. Like Danielle said, I'm a disgrace. Can we have your daughter the rest of the weekend?"

Huh? Disgrace? When did I say that? Oh yeah - in the letter I supposedly sent her telling her that (we think she sent it to herself...and no Andrea, not enough time for yours to get there if you wrote one). Or perhaps there are more people out there who think her behavior is ridiculous. That's me: the Scapegoat. Let's spell that together: S-C-A-P-E-G-O-A-T. Oh lucky me. I MAKE her behave in such a silly manner. For shame.

Anywho - she threw a Labor Day Party. Guess who all wasn't invited? But she's sorry. Really. Really. REALLY.

AND - we have permission from the restaurant my parent's want to extend the reception into the bar area after the place opens to the public for dinner. Yeah.

Now for all the details in planning. It's a bit crazy and it's Homecoming Week here - so I'm crazy. Fun times I tell ya.

And No, Nate's Daughter did not go with her - she stayed with us through the Labor Day weekend. We will not allow anyone to put her in the middle of anything, and that includes childish behavior from adults who will apologize to get their own way. And we had fun!


AJ said...

Some people can manipulate any situation into someone else's fault. When we asked my MIL for an apology for her actions at our wedding and Noah's baptism, she wrote back and said she was sorry that her having cancer upset us. WTF? One situation had nothing to do with the other. Sounds you're dealing with the same thing. Some people are just pros at making everything someone else's fault.

Sorry to hear she's such a pain. Hang in there, and try not to let her beat you down. Sounds like that's what she wants.

Big Hugs!

Andrea said...

My father in law and your future MIL could be best friends. When he and I had an argument the other day, whenever I would say he did something he would say, "no, you do that." Uhm....okay???!! People are dumb. And girl, I didn't even get a chance to write her yet!! She is so weird!!

Have fun with homecoming weekend!!! :) and ignore that crazy woman.

alanna rose said...

Big hugs!