Friday, September 11, 2009

So What I've Really Been Doing...

...along with reining in my temper concerning stupid women. By and by, she called me and left a message apologizing. Too bad it sounded more like 'since she'd do anything to keep her family' ('cause I'm keeping them from her), she must apologize so I would please, please let her see them again...oh well. I'm such a bad person I guess. I suppose it's a step in the right direction, although Nate called and told her if she was sincere then many things were going to change - namely that we will be respected in our decisions as a family and if she disagrees then she needs to keep her mouth shut. And childish behavior and verbal abuse will not be tolerated in any way. So....we'll see.

But really - life has been moving on. We're having a VERY, VERY early Homecoming this year due to new school construction and I'm going crazy as usual. We've had all kinds of fundraisers and guess who's in charge. How does that always happen? I'd actually like to do my real job - namely teaching...

And despite my address being the same - I moved into the house Nate and I will be calling home come November. It's a little down the road and there are no crazy neighbors to deal with, however it is a little smaller and right now we're dealing with storage. Storing extras, things we won't need until we have a larger home, animals....The horses have pasture and we need to put up more fence for them. The dogs have a big pen and can run around the yard too. The chickens...well the chickens will be sharing part of their pen with a new addition very soon (it's a surprise) but here's what we all did last weekend:

Holding up the wall (I'll probably be accused of child labor with this pic, but what d o you do when they want to help?)

All the dogs helped out too (see the awesome doghouse in the background that Nate built for them this summer!?)

Unhappy poultry in a horse trailer (too bad I didn't get me trying to move them on video...real fun I tell ya)

Wait until you see the finished product!!!


randi said...

Ah! I miss the zoo!! Give them all big hugs and kisses for me! :) Can't wait to see what the new addition is!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

It looks like you guys have been extremely busy.

Crazy MIL's! Ohhh man! I had one of those too. She was n.a.s.t.y! Refused to come to the wedding and everything. The absolute craziest thing is that once her son and I were divorced she became very friendly and has my daughter come stay with her every summer-although my daughter is not her biological granddaughter. Sooo weird.

I hope things level out for you guys in that area. Once you firmly enforce the boundaries-often things get better...or they simply decide to leave you alone.;)

Thanks for the hint about Lake Navajo. We will definitely have to give that one a try next year.

Laura said...

Godspeed on the animal moving! I can't imagine!

Andrea said...

Nate is really a talented builder!! What a cute little dog house he built!! Looks like you guys have a lot of animal shelter building going on over there!

Hopefully the entire crazy MIL thing will settle down and she will start acting her age not her shoe size.

Can't wait to see all the finished projects!! Homecoming sounds like fun. Oh how I can't wait for my kids to go. Not that I want teenagers, but I would love to go dress shopping!