Monday, January 11, 2010


I wish I hadn't 'slept in' a bit last Friday morning as temps dropped to -16 during the night, and since the ground temp the day before had been above freezing I woke to a frosty winter wonderland. It truly was beautiful, but since I was running late I really didn't get to enjoy it for all it was worth.

I did get a few pics of the ponies as they were looking for their food. They were frosted head to toe.
C'mon mom! Quit messing around!

I DID NOT take this picture, but it represents a bit what the western side of the valley looked like before the sun came up:
It was an eventful weekend despite not feeling well at all. I basically stayed in and slept unless I had to get up to be a good animal mom.
Maggie caught her front pastern (ankle) up in barb wire and cut herself up pretty good. Her bottom hooves (front and back) were covered in blood that was evidently spraying for part of the night. She was limping slightly and once I had it cleaned out I could see there were no tendons cut (thank GOD!) and her joint seems to be out of harms way as well. The only thing I'm concerned about is proud flesh (nasty, horny scar tissue that can grow up around a wound and cause movement issues). Right now I'm using Underwood's Horse Medicine, that is supposed to help keep proud flesh from growing up. I used it when Rumba put a gate through her leg a few years back and she healed up just fine! She's moving very well but needs to have the wound tended to at least twice a day, and I'm keeping a loose wrap around it since it's so dusty here and thus prone to getting dirty easy.

Also little Brees fell into the water hole - an opening in the ice over the ditch to allow the horses access to drink. She took it in stride and I had her out pretty fast, but once she quite moving around the chill set in. So she got to come inside and wrap up in a towel by the fire. I wish I'd taken a picture, but like I said, I wasn't feeling too good so I just hung out with her until she quit shivering. I guess Boomer fell in a few mornings ago while Nate was breaking ice, so maybe they both will steer clear from here on out!


Laura said...

Brrrrrrr! It looks so cold!

alanna rose said...

I love the frosty horses! Although, they don't love it as much ;)

Andrea said...

Talk about some frosty ponies!! Dang!! And to think I blanketed my horses when it got 20 degrees!! LOL It's amazing how "warm" horses can stay!! Well animals in general. I think I would die if I were out in the wind and snow and frost!!

Your poor horse! I hope that you can keep the proud flesh away! That stuff is horrible! and with it being winter time and not being able to really hose it, what a chore! I have heard of the Underwood stuff and heard it works great! I will keep all fingers and toes crossed that she heals well!!

I hope you are feeling better too!!