Monday, January 25, 2010

Oh When the Saints...

I predicted the Saints were heading to the Superbowl 'way back when...' and lucky for me the prediction came true or I would have lost a pretty decent size bet. I've always been a Saint's fan ever since my dad's family moved to Louisiana. There's something about New Orleans that I fell in love with as a kid - and never being much of fan of the team I hail from (Detroit...I wonder why...) the Saint's seemed a good team to follow.

It was obvious from the start of the season that New Orleans had something a lot of other teams didn't. For starters - an absolute drive to win the title. Rarely did you see them fumble a ball, and Drew Brees always seemed to know exactly where his line men were. Simply: They have been a fun team to watch this season.

I've been teased a lot from my student's at school, but there are a few Saint's fans and we've held strong through the season. I never wanted them to go undefeated. Admit it - an undefeated team is not very probable - and isn't the whole point to get to the Superbowl? I'd rather see them get some losing games out of the way when it doesn't count - rather than when it does.

I've always been a fan of Brett Farve - even when he played for the Packer's (booooo!), and I rooted for him to have a good game, but let's face it - if the Vikings had won, would the game against the Colt's be any good? I think we're looking at a fast paced, high scoring Superbowl game now that it's Saint's vs. Colts. A game that could go down in history.

My predictions on the winner? That depends on a few variables. I'm going to be realistic here: I think the Colt's are the better team - HOWEVER, I also though the Vikings were the better team - and felt it was fate that Saint's should win. Surprisingly enough that was said pretty much verbatim by the commenters before the start of the game. I also predicted that if the Vikings lost it was going to be because they couldn't hold on to the ball - And they dropped it 6 times. Go figure.

So therefore - if THIS happens, (namely heavy pressure put on the quarterback -Payton Manning - during the game), I think the Saint's will be the Superbowl champs. No way Manning can hold up to all those hits like Farve did. He just isn't, nor ever will be, the player Farve is.


randi said...

I know we're friends, but I am now officially blaming you because we had a crappy game last night! :)

AJ said...

I'm glad the Saints beat the Vikings...not b/c of the Vikings, but b/c I think Favre is a douche.

That being said:

I. LOVE. Peyton. Manning.


I'll be rooting for the Colts!

AJ said...

Oh yeah, and when I saw there was a new post from you, I totally thought you might be spilling the secret you mentioned a few posts ago!

Danielle Michelle said...

Not that I don't like Peyton Manning - He's alright overall. He just plays for the Colts ;)

I'll e-mail you.

alanna rose said...

We adopted the Colts when we lived in Indy - and I love me some Peyton Manning.

I'll be wearing my pink colts hat on game day :)

Andrea said...

I can't get away from the Saints!! ha ha ha!! I am so not a huge football fan, but dang girl these southerns are die hard fans! it's funny to see how excited they all are! It's going to be crazy down here with that superbowl game and then mardi gras!! It's going to be a party!!!