Thursday, April 01, 2010

A Boy? The Myths I Experience

I don't find out officially until the 8th, but here's why everyone thinks so:

I could only eat carbs (fresh breads, bagels, some pasta) with cheese, cottage cheese and fruit during my first trimester.

No serious morning sickness, just constant nausea.

Higher fetal heart beat for the first and second trimester so far- I average between 150 and 160 bpm

I'm carrying to the front (like I have a melon under my shirt). And I'm high already.

The Chinese Conception Chart says since I'm 31 and conceived in December it's a boy.

I know there really is no accuracy to any of this, but here's to wishful thinking....have I mentioned I would prefer a boy over a girl? Call it selfish, and a girl would be just as loved, but right now I've about had it with having a girl in the household and I can't quite imagine another one right now (guess what? She's in trouble again...through the MIL influence no less). Give me a little boy who gets into everything, doesn't mind getting dirty and loves his momma.

Anyone ever staple their finger? I just did. I'm not multitasking quite so well being pregnant. Ouch.

Have I also mentioned I'm a co-sponsor of Prom? It's on the 24th. We have a $9000 budget. Can I say how crazy and BIG this thing is...oh yeah, and that I now live at the school.

Thought I'd explain the high heart beat for a boy - that's for early on in the pregnancy. Girls typically have higher heart beats in the late 3rd trimester, boys are lower. The tale refers to the higher heart beat early on. I actually asked my doctor about this and he said sometimes this happens, but that both sexes pretty much fall between 140 and 160bpm before the last few weeks and that the consistant higher heart beat translating into being a boy is an 'old wives tale'.


Stephie said...

I have no faith in any of the "old wives tales" all mine pointed to boy and Miss Emily is for sure a girl!

alanna rose said...

I have always heard that a higher heart rate is for a girl...

AJ said...

I'm with Alanna on the heart rate thing, I've always heard higher means a girl....however, my three kids all had between 140-160 at almost every visit. No difference.

And, the chinese predictor chart was correct all three times for me!

Laura said...

I swore all three of my pregnancies were girls.... I was just a little off.

Here's to hoping for a boy for you! They do love their Mamas!! Georgia prefers Casey when she gets hurt or wants to snuggle with someone. My boys only want ME! ;)

Charlie and Kara said...

Hi Danielle, I've been stalking you for a while :), I found you through Alanna's and Laura's blog. I'm the AGD Kara that was a couple of years older than you. Congrats on the baby. I have a little boy, Patrick that will be 3 at the end of June. Boys are tons of fun! I was nervous when I found out I was having a boy because I didn't have any brothers, but now I couldn't picture it any other way, although, I still think a girl would be fun too!

I don't know if you are on facebook, but O'Hallen just had a baby girl a few weeks ago! Yikes, huh. Glad I found you and we can catch up!

Carroll Farm said...

My little charts were all wrong - they all pointed to boy, but I had a girl! Here's to hoping that you just have something healthy!

Andrea said...

I thought I was having a girl for my first one. I was for sure. I was actually heart broken when they told me it was a boy. I cried!! But now I wouldn't change that for the world!! It will be interesting to see if the Chinese calendar is right!

Oh, and that plug in that I have that you asked about, is called Portraiture. Just Google it and it will pop up. It's awesome!!!

rae rae said...

I've heard that high heart beat and carrying high are signs of girls - but all of your other "old wives" signs do point to boy. The Chinese calendar was accurate for my pregnancy with Carter.

All signs point to "boy" on this pregnancy, too, so I guess we will both be finding out soon. Can't wait to hear the big news :-)

P.S. Boys ROCK.

The Wades said...

Have you tried the pencil over your wrist trick? Oddly, that has been scary accurate for me and a lot of my friends.

I have two of each. They all drive me crazy! :)