Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bock Bock...Quack

I have a hen that goes broody every year.  I never let her set to hatch, but this year I gave her six eggs.  She took three out, which, when candled didn't show any growth, but she wouldn't let me candle the others.

This morning this is what I found:

There are two eggs still under her so I guess I'll see if any more hatch within the next day or so.

I have a duck that thinks she's going to hatch out a billion geese.  I took out a bunch of eggs to give her a reasonable number, and so far they have been progressing.  There's no way I'm keeping a bunch of goslings, but it was a fun 'science' experiment - hopefully she makes a success of it!

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Dreaming said...

Such fun!
My brother had ducks years ago. They began to lay eggs, but wouldn't sit on them (he didn't know they waited until they had a clutch). He ran out and got an incubator and each day would add the newest eggs. Once the incubator was full the ducks were finally able to get a clutch together. To say the least, my brother was overrun with ducklings!
I bet your mama duck will be very proud of her big, strapping youngsters!