Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Spring Art Project

I like to draw, take photography, paint, scrapbook - but other than snapping pictures all the time I never seem to have time to do much else.  Recently I joined a scrapbooking circle - so at least one evening a month I can sit down and try to organize past trips and such...

I always have these great ideas to for the house - but since we still rent I refuse to put any time or effort into it.  However, I do take some pride in the yard and what we personally own - and since my kid is always hogging whatever chair we are sitting in outside, I decided it was time to make him his own.  I bought this little chair for $5, and then we personalized it!  I thought it turned out great!  And, as you can see, Wyatt loves it!

1 comment:

Dreaming said...

He looks like 'the man' in his chair! His personality screams through the pictures!
Love the chair. Cute!
Hmmm.... if I personalize my chairs, do you think I'd find more time to sit in them?