Friday, May 11, 2012


Since spring has sprung it seems we spend a heck of a lot more time with the animals around here.  First off, I'd like to introduce Roxy:

No - she's not a reincarnation of Maverick - I don't think....but she sure acts and looks just like him.... Roxy found us and since it was like coming home, she's stayed on with the three other mutts.  She was found wandering in the school parking lot late one night during a basketball game.  We figured she jumped out of someones vehicle but nobody ever claimed her.  Since I have the kennel I offered to take her home for the night.  She's never left.  She was probably around 5 months old when we got her and was housebroke, knew basic commands and already knew to give Wyatt his space.  I think she's a pittbull/lab or hound mix.  Whatever she is, she's a hell of a good dog and won't let Wyatt out of her sight.

Speaking of Wyatt and animals...he sill loves his Buni kitty, and takes over any other animal that comes to visit, like my friend's dog Hank, or the landlords horse:

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Dreaming said...

The pictures are all so cute. It seems that most animals understand about little guys and do take care of them.