Thursday, August 31, 2006

Farm Fresh!

Where has the time gone!?! My little pullet is finally a chicken! She has started laying eggs...2 a day so far! Thank goodness, now I can justify her presence without calling her either a glorified pet or Sunday Dinner. Some of you may remember I originally had 3 chicks and a goose. I'm down to one chicken and Lucy, the goose (I had to change her name, we were having an identity crisis). Lucy definitely 'rules the roost' and has the last word in the barnyard. I do believe she has learned to quit picking on the 1500 lb variety though because she has begun to walk with what looks like a permanent limp.

Fire situation update: Despite getting granted leave, I've decided to stick around and take care of the other millions of things I have going on...least of all my career, God forbid! My crew just got back last night and are resting up for the next detail, without me. I'm sad ;( Oh well. It's my choice. So nothing new and exciting, just working 24/7 and still have nothing to show for it. Typical.


Kara said...

Do you eat the eggs or let them hatch?

So what do you plan on working on? When does school start?

Danielle McLeod said...

EAT THEM! MMMMMM.....I don't have a rooster so they can't hatch anyway.

Going on 3 weeks of school today!

alanna rose said...

I want chickens - farm fresh eggs are the best! but I don't think my neighbors would be too keen on the idea.

Anonymous said...

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