Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Labor Day Fun!

Didn't do a whole lot this weekend...worked both Friday and Saturday and then headed to Trinidad to watch my buddy Kelly Wild Horse Race. I got some great pics before Monday's 'ride', but unfortunately, between a dying battery and a horse running at me I couldn't get a focus on the rest of the race. But I think the slide show gives y'all an idea of what racing I needed to check this whole 'slide show' business out...I'm hooked!

Wild Horse Racing - Trinidad, Colorado

I was a good time, and to top it off we finally got to finish off a bottle of wine I had brought back from Greece. We also decided picking Chili peppers at 2 am in the neighbors's chili patch was a GREAT idea. I still think so and can't wait to roast them on the grill with cheese and bacon (I'll post that recipie on Yum! Yum! eventually). I think I need to gather up my fire crew when they get back and have a big chili roasting, Marguarita drinking party... Kelly was supposed to be deployed to Iraq yesterday, but is now on hold. I think it's been a bit of relief for everyone who knows him. I hadn't realized how stressed I was about his heading over there until he told me he wasn't going quite yet a few weeks back. And with a little luck won't head over there at all. Keep your fingers crossed all! ...And that they finally start sending our boys back that are already over there!

It's a pretty easy week in school with only three days and two almost over. Plus the Seniors are on retreat and won't be back until tomorrow, so it's been pretty quiet around here. School has been going well so far. I really am enjoying my students and have had some great comments from both students and parents so far. Thank God! I'm having a trying few days in other aspects of my life if you're putting a good thought out...remember me for the next few days.

I'm deciding I need something major to happen in my life...and actually have looked into teaching English overseas (the two hours I was supposed to have Seniors today were dedicated to this). I figure if I'm interested I'd better educate myself. I guess I feel I'm hitting a plateau again and need some kind of change. Of course I don't know if this is it, but I'm opening myself up to options. I'm not really happy with where I'm at in my life and I'm not making headway into anything I really want despite all my attempts to change situations. All it's doing is making me cranky and I find myself torn between getting really mad at working as hard as I do in all aspects of my life and never really getting anywhere, and incredibly depressed that I can't seem to catch a break...and you know how when someone's got your back it just seems to make things that much easier? Well, I'm tired of not having I figure a major overhaul of my life is overdue again.

Ok - needed to vent a bit...


Kara said...

The Wild horse race looked pretty interesting.

Congrats on getting good feedback from parents and students.

Where at overseas are you looking to teach?

Danielle McLeod said...

I loved being in Germany when I was there with you, but honestly couldn't help loving being on the Mediterranean. As you know, there are English Speaking schools over there for kids from the US and England...I think I need to run away again...

alanna rose said...

I was at the rodeo this pat weekend - I thought of you!