Monday, September 08, 2008

Boycott FedEx

Why? Because they suck. I may live in the boondocks, but it's very easy to find addresses due to the fact EVERY street runs either N and S or E and W and is labeled with Numbers N and S or E and W. It's also easy to tell which direction you are headed due to the fact it is WIDE open and there are major landmarks you can see from 40 miles away...called mountains.

To start, Fedex will not deliver in my town. They drop everything off a the post office and expect them to tell the people who are expecting things to pick it up. Why? Because they are to lazy to drive down the street, can't count, etc...whatever.

So my newest adventure? I ordered my phone a week ago. It was supposed to be delivered Wednesday. I decided to have it delivered to the school due to the problems we have in town with Fedex. By Friday I still hadn't recieved it so I called. They said the address didn't exist and I need to come to the facility to pick it up. I told them that wasn't possible as it was 3 hours away and the package was supposed to be here 2 days ago. They were going to deliver it. We confirmed the address...they said it would be on the way. 2 hours later I get a phone call from them saying I need to call them because there is a problem with address. I call them back and ask if they knew I had just gotten off the phone with them 2 hours ago. No response. I ask if they log their customer coorespondance and complaints. She has no record. I let her know the situation, she says I should contact verizon. I call Verizon. They are all over it and tell me they have fixed the problem after a considerable hold and, I'll have my phone first thing Monday morning. I call Fedex this morning. There is no phone. It has not shipped. Guess what? My address doesn't exist. I get mad, ask why their driver can't notice a GIGANTIC SCHOOL BUILDING IN THE MIDDLE OF A BUNCH OF HAY FIELDS THAT THEY REGULARLY DELIVER TOO! They are quiet. I am put on hold. I am told I never said it was a school. WHAT THE $$#%@^*%??? I tell her we've already gone through this and I am cut off. I call back. I give them my number to call when the driver next gets lost. I hang up and call Verizon. Verizon is sorry. They put me on hold. They tell me I will have it by tomorrow afternoon.

When it doesn't show tomorrow I call Verizon and tell them they are losing me as a customer if they can't get their delivery service together. I know that technically it isn't their fault, but they did choose Fedex as their delivery service. I just want my phone.


AJ said...

Forewarning, if you end up switching, Alltel is no better. I had a similar run around with them earlier this year.

I have a coworker who would love to join the I Hate FedEx club. Although, he would like to join because he met his second wife becuase she was a FedEx delivery woman. They got married, she developed a gambling problem and went off her rocker, stole lots of money, etc. So then they divorced. So....not quite the same thing, but anti-FedEx all the same:)

Andrea said...

I love sprint. My husband wants to switch to At&t. But we will see. I would be so mad too. I bet the driver feels really dumb when he finds out it is the school. I get notes in my mail box all the time saying that I have boxes at the Post office. My post office is 20 minutes from my house. The mail lady is supposed to try to deliver it to my door, but she won't even bring it to my house because she thinks my dogs might be outside. She is lazy. The US postal service gets me mad. The FedEx man is affraid of my dogs, but at least he will come to my door with a broom. LOL!!

mel_fitz said...

i would have to agree. i tried to ship to a PO box and they wouldn't let me. and the post office is satan's asshole. i just hate going there. they made me buy my own tape last time cause i needed to tape my package. yet i keep going back for more.