Sunday, September 28, 2008

Idle Afternoons

I wouldn't say I'm COMPLETELY idle today. I cleaned house and sat down to eat something with the computer on. This is what happens when my girly side kicks in and I'm on eBay:

Kathy Van Zeeland's Montana Scoop Shopper

Yes, I have impulse buys I shouldn't...occasionally. Oh well...but isn't it cute?!!


AJ said...

Very cute! My girly side took over today too at the mall. Oops:)

Andrea said...

Oh I like that!! It's way cute!! I get that swing every now and then. I wish I could be more girly all the time. But for some reason, horses and girly girls just don't mix. Unless you are at one of those ritzy barns that does everything for you. And I sooo do not have that!! Whuahahahaa. Well, now that I have written a novel. Awesome bag!! Love it!!