Friday, September 19, 2008

Vegas Baby!

Ok - I really am going. I feel guilty, but I think maybe that's because it been a REALLY LONG time since I've done something for myself. Even my trip to Europe is with 18 students and scheduled around educational experiences. Cool? Yes! Stressful? Most-Likely!

This trip is for pure fun and excitement!

Plans so far: Arriving in Vegas on Thursday, Dec 11th at 8am. Since I live fairly close to Vegas I'll probably be the first one in town since it only takes about 45 minutes for me to fly there.

The Hotel: Mandalay Bay

The Venue: The Thomas and Mack Center - There are still plenty of seats left. Not sure which night/s we will be attending, but sure to be a great time!

I feel like I've gone out a limb here. I'm such a planner and whereas I do enjoy spur of the moment things, it's usually like a short road trip or something where I don't get too far from home. This is like HUGE for me. I'm sort of nervous!


JJ said...

I really, really, really want to join you - I've always wanted to stay at Mandalay Bay (they have a lazy river!) and Brad really wants to go to Vegas (he's never been!) But... we have been talking about a big trip for Xmas, and I'm not sure about 2 trips in one month. But I'm going to see if we can make both work - I would love to party with you in Vegas :)

Cheryl said...

Sometimes you just have to do things! Good for you! Have fun and ENJOY yourself! One year hubby, me, and our daughter flew to New Orleans (before Katrina). We had a BLAST!

Andrea said...

OH it sounds like so much fun!!!! My oldest is still in school then. I wonder how mad the school would be if I took him out a week early?

mel_fitz said...

dude!! way to go!! enjoy!

Amy said...

Yes I did meet sid, just quickly one day. I didn't end up being in Galena much towards the end. Not sure if I can make vegas. I am thinking of heading down to ecuador in jan so gotta save for that