Thursday, September 18, 2008

That's IT! I'm CELEBRATING MY BIRTHDAY!!! With or Without you!

Lousy B-day's all in a row...and what am I going to do about it? Celebrate! Finally!

LAS VEGAS: I've never been and am going to attempt to go in December to the National Finals Rodeo for the last weekend (Dec. 11 - 14th). A good guy friend of mine is going and I would love to see any (OR ALL) of you! The NFR isn't a must for anybody. I just want to go see it and there's plenty more to do other than that I'm sure!

Ladies - my friend is single and you would like...really...

Like I said, it's still tentative. But I need some fun and this sounds like fun!

If you're in, let me know and let's make this a 'for sure thang'!!!

Andrea - I think you need to get a babysitter and bring Mr. Cowboy!

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Andrea said...

Mr. Cowboy says, "let's go!". He is so easy to convine to go to Vegas to watch the NFR. He really really wants to go. We go to Utah every Christmas, maybe we can work something out early this year!! :)