Friday, September 05, 2008

Living in the SLV

There's a lot I like about living in the San Luis Valley, and a lot I don't like, namely how lonely it is, but I'm a busy girl and enjoy the things I do like teaching (most of the time!), working cattle, baling hay and straw, and training horses...and the little things too like collecting my eggs and being able to sell them to people for "egg money" (i.e. vacation savings), walking my dogs, seeing beautiful sunrises and sunsets, and the most recent, watching the crop dusters!

I don't know what it is about crop dusters, but I love to watch them 'dust' the fields...especially in such a beautiful setting surrounded by the mountains. As I was driving into school this morning they were dusting one of the fields I drive by so I pulled over to take a pic!

Also, some people have been asking...the ticker on top for London and Paris? I'm taking about 18 students to London and Paris over Thanksgiving. If you'd like to see details about it (or any of the other classes I teach or sponsor) just click on the link to the right under "More Than I Can Chew?"


randi said...

dude i am in. lets go.

Cheryl said...

Can I come too? I used to LOVE to watch the crop dusters down in the Coachella Valley. I'll have to watch for them!

mel_fitz said...

o my lord. that is definitely more than I chew.

Andrea said...

Oh I want to go to London so badly!! Take me with you!! You won't notice me there at all, I promise I will blend right in.

That is an awesome pictures! I love crop dusters too. I think the drivers are dare devils. There is no way that planes are supposed to get that dang close to the ground.