Wednesday, October 01, 2008

This Week's Addition of Why I Love Living in the San Luis Valley


Once the grains have been harvested and the fields have been baled and plowed, the sheepherders bring their flocks down from the mountains to graze. The sheep both clean up a lot of the grasses that have grown back up from fallen grains and fertilize the ground. They spend a few weeks here moving from farm to farm until it's time to bring them back in for fattening and shearing. Sometimes I think I would love to do this one summer and fall. It seems to be so peaceful spending the day with the horses and dogs...
Driving into work each morning I see the herders with their horses and dogs watching the flocks and keeping them from moving into the roads.


Andrea said...

That is so cool!! I would love to do that too! It does sound nice. I would love to have a dog that listened as well as some of those sheep dogs do.

mel_fitz said...

wow--that's awesome! i always say this but i just love it out there.