Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Happy New Year! and FREE FOOD!!!

OH YEAH!!! Before I totally forget! That toffee link at the top of my blog? - OH MY GOD! This stuff is so amazing! It literally MELTS in your mouth!!! Try it out. They have this great little sampler pack for $3.00. s/h . I hate to say this, but it's better than most of the stuff I brought back from England.

I know, I'm a bit belated, but things are crazy here and I don't have internet at home anymore!

Just some highlights from the last two weeks to give you an idea (please remember most of this stuff is normal, or I wouldn't be me):

- Spent 3 hours sitting in the plane on the runway in Detroit trying to get home 'cause it was raining so hard in Chicago they couldn't see. Wrigley came with me and was such a good boy, but had decided he had it when we were trying to catch our connection to Denver and barked at everything. Oh well...he WAS quiet for over 8 hours. I was cranky too.

- Slipped shoving a log into the wood stove and split the bridge of my nose open. Two stitches and glue! Blacked both eyes slightly and had a killer headache for two days. It's better now though.

- Thought I was stood up on New Years and played pool at a neighbors for a few hours. Wasn't stood up as there was a family emergency, and spent midnight dragging my frozen hose under the house to thaw under the heatlamp. There was whiskey (because I thought I was stood up).

- Tried chopping wood and realize I'm a complete woose and now my back muscles are sore.

- There's a new animal in my house that thinks I'm mom. It's not my fault either. Hint: Meow

- Came into school and realized that the other English teacher has DONE NOTHING and is now on probation and will probably not have her contract renewed and yours truly has to pick up the mess - namely designing and publishing the yearbook by May. However, there is money involved which makes me happy as I really am broke.

Ok - that's it in a nutshell. So if I'm MIA on and off for awhile it's because I'm so crazy busy I'm not sure which way is up...or down...or both...


Carroll Farm said...

sounds crazy. we have a couple of teachers like that too. it always makes teaching harder when you have to do it twice! :) good luck.

alanna rose said...

You are too fun! I got your message - we were in Muskegon until after Christmas :(

Next time - I promise!

Andrea said...

Man, what a curddy way to come back from a great vacation, slacker teacher, not you, but the other one! But more money is a good thing.

I am glad you liked the toffee. You can get some more free toffee at www.mywoodenspoon.com she is doing a giveaway there too!! There will be seven winners!! I loved that toffee!! It's so yummy.