Sunday, March 08, 2009

The Fast and The Furious

I'm not repressed, I swear. I just loved the first Fast and Furious movie. The second sucked and the third was kinda cool to watch, but what happened to the cast of the first one that made it so great?

Hehehehehe - another movie is going to be released in a month with the original cast...

I love Vin Diesel.

Paul Walker isn't that too bad on the eyes either, but I'm a Vin Diesel type of girl. I mean seriously, with that name, and that body? Mmmmmmmm....I can't explain it. It's not my fault; it's like some basic animal instinctual thing.

That and I have a penchant for very fast little cars. Combined I could stay entranced for hours...I just want to reach out and touch. Ya know?

My city girl has to come out occasionally.

April 3rd cannot get here fast enough, and if I have to go watch the movie in the theatre by myself I will (but I'm going to do my best to get a date).

I'll be drafting an ad for that date this week...I'd prefer if he looked like Mr. Diesel.

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Andrea said...

It's so funny that you posted this. I love the Fast and Furrious too!!

My husband went with me to the Twilight movie and in the previews there was the fast car on the screen and my husband said, "That is going to be another Fast and Furious!" We were more excited about that than the Twilight movie!! LOL!!

We watch number 3 all the time. My boys love the Tokyo Drift and I like the music. But Hooray for Vin Diesel. Holy Hot Stuff!!