Monday, March 09, 2009

Happy, Happy Monday!

Do you ever hear me say that?!!!

The first thing I learned this morning was that school has been cancelled for Thursday and Friday due to the plethora of students that will be at both Science Fair and State Basketball. YEAH!!! I get to start spring break 2 days early!!!

This is good as the other English Teacher has been canned ( I believe, but am not 100% sure, she did something really, really bad) and now I have to help with lessons for the substitute until the end of the year. Does it even end in my world? At least I get a quicker respite this week!!!

Very windy this weekend! But I still went out and started the colt I have as a side job for a neighbor and brought Maggie out to drive! She was fantastic and took the harness without any issues. She also had no problems ground driving in it (as I ground drive her often in a surcingle) and took the tire without any issue as well:

She would take our standing on the tire for a bit, but then was confused at the change in weight and would pause before moving on. That's fine though as I won't be using her to pull, just drive. We'll have another lesson next week.

I also have been following through with my photography as promised. I really need to start harnessing my inner creativity. I used to do all sorts of things and have been published numerous times. It's time I found myself with this all again:


randi said...

Only 6 more days! Can I stand on the tire too? :) I'm SO excited to see what you do all the time and help if I can. I must warn you though...I might need some (ok probably a lot of) coaching. :) I e-mailed you my itinerary from the Travelocity site so let me know if it didn't come through. I get in at 1:55 on Sunday.

Andrea said...

What fun!! I love that you are able to get out and mess with the horses. Line driving is fun.

And Holy Cow girl, those pictures are great!!

Also, I don't know if it's just me, but I still can't see the body of your blog. I have to go into the archives to see it.

Melissa said...

Beautiful photos!!!!!
I like the tire idea. We have a pony and harness, but no cart yet. . . I'll have to give that a shot!
Enjoy your vacation!

mtu2cu said...

Still having issues seeing your blog! Archives are it right now.

Maren Rudzik said...

I can't view your posts unless I go through the archives. I haven't been able to view the posts without using archive for at least a week.