Monday, March 02, 2009

Good Day Sunshine

Oh My God was the weather beautiful this weekend. I mean tank top, soak in some sun, enjoy the great outdoors, beautiful!!!

Sorry no pics from this all as I was WAY TOO BUSY enjoying it!!!!

Quick run down of the weekend:

Friday Night - Enjoyed some liquid refreshments at my girlfriend's house. It was EXACTLY what I needed after the busy week I had!

Saturday - Was up early! Made breakfast for my friends at above mentioned girlfriend's house, cleaned out my chicken coop, discovered they had been laying WAAAAAYYYY up in the corner and had to toss a bunch of rock hard frozen eggs out (but yeah! they are laying again!!!), re-stretched my fences and saddled up Charlie.

Ponied Rebel out to my neighbor's field since we decided we needed to catch that pesky cow with the wire and rope wrapped around her leg. Loped around a bit looking for her, got her spotted, made a loop in my rope and cut her out...Charlie was doing great tracking her when I finally saw my opening. As she cut to the right I reached and threw the rope - exactly at the same time Charlie decided he didn't want to do this anymore and took the bit, ducked his head and gave a tremendous buck. I landed on the saddle horn and as he left the ground again I baled off since I was practically laying on his neck. I swear my brain hit my skull. Of course he just stood there so after we had a little 'talk' I got back after that cow and he was awesome. We've been having some bit issues and I really need to try something new - now. At least according to my still black and blue pelvis and inner thigh...and the whiplash....and sore shoulder where I slammed into the ground.

I basically was out for the rest of the day after we caught the cow and got the stuff off her legs. Obviously she could still run. By the way - I had to turn Charlie over to my neighbor after I threw and missed about 4 times. By then the stupid cow was just barely trotting around and it still took him 6 tries. BUT he complimented how awesome Charlie was! So I don't know what his big problem was. Maybe he was just feeling like he had to try and test me or something.

Sunday - Ground drove Maggie as she's going to learn to pull a cart next week! Took the dogs out, moved the mares to pasture so Rumba can get comfortable with it before she foals, and brought in a colt to work for my neighbor.

At 7:30, as I was getting out of a long needed shower my Carbon Monoxide detector went off. Huh? I re-set it and waited and sure enough, 4 minutes later is started to sound again so I called the Fire department and asked them to come check my levels. When I called the Realtors they said they'd had some faulty ones and to follow up with them. Well, I had CO in the house from that hot water heater that keeps blowing out. I keep in on low, but when I had turned it up, the exhaust is not drafting correctly and the levels were extremely high. The good thing is when I keep it closed up I have no raised levels in the house, the other good thing is it's getting fixed today.

Look for an upcoming contest!!!!


mel_fitz said...

thanks for the award a while back and sorry took me so long to post it (although i did post it today)!! that pic of you in the skirt is super cute--who cares if it's ripped. sounds like your weekend was by far more interesting than mine. hope you're doing well and will check the blogs more often.

Andrea said...

OUCH!! What a little stinker, not wanting to work that cow. I hope you are feeling better! I hate hitting the dirt, let alone hitting the saddle horn, double ouch. I did that a while back, oh dear, that was painful.

Sounds like you got a lot done. And I am glad you are getting that gas thing fixed!! That is scary.

Oh, and I don't know if it's just me, but when I open to your blog, the contents of your blog is missing. In order for me to read it, I have to go down to the archives and click on the post. Weird huh?? But it might just be me.